Vladimir Isupov (born 1939)

The Sisters


Dimensions7.50inch wide 9.50inch high (19.05 cm wide 24.13 cm high)

DescriptionVladimir Isupov, is a painter, his wife, Nelli Isupov a folk artist working in ceramics. His son Ilya is also a painter and his other son Sergei is a ceramic sculptor who immigrated to the USA in 1991where he has enjoyed a successful career as an artist. The family is well known for their artwork in Kiev. Their work was shown together for the first time, in 2005, in the USA.
Vladimir Isupov, who was educated in a Soviet art school in Kiev, spent most of his career under the old regime. He is an exemplary case of artistic recovery in post-communist times, when the art community, set free from state control (and state sponsorship), was left to its own devices. The one device that reclaimed Vladimir Isupov as an artist out of the Soviet context is exactly that Art school in Kiev, the culture of drawing—the physical and mental instruments of art making.
"Flowing brushstrokes of watercolor or images of antiquity are the basic components of the art vocabulary that Isupov chooses to bring into play. He does it with casual mastery and sarcastic irrelevance”.

ProvenanceBought from the Artist's son in the 1980s