Pieter Pourbus

Portrait of a Lady

PriceGBP 15000.00 (Pound Sterling)

MediumOil on panel in 18th century tortoiseshell frame

Dimensions30.00cm wide, 37.00cm high (11.81 inches wide, 14.57 inches high)

DescriptionPieter Pourbus (or Poeurbus), the father of Frans Pourbus the Elder, settled at an early age in Bruges where in 1538, he studied under Lancelot Blondeel, a painter trained in the Italian manner and influenced particularly by Raphael. It has been speculated that he married Blondeel’s daughter. He was admitted as free master into the Guilds of St Luke and then St. George.

He was constantly employed by the magistrates of the liberty of Bruges, completing many commissions for them. His portraits are of rare perfection & his works can be seen in all the great museums of the world.