William Barraud (1810-1850)

A Grey in a Stable

PriceGBP 15000.00 (Pound Sterling)

MediumOil on canvas, signed & dated 1840

Dimensions76.00cm wide 64.00cm high (29.92 inches wide 25.20 inches high)

DescriptionWilliam Barraud was the elder brother of Henry Barraud; William was baptized on April 4th 1810 at St Mary’s Church, Lambeth, where he spent much of his childhood before moving to Camberwell. He is reputed to have followed his father into employment at the Customs House, but there are no records to confirm this and he is known to have been painting seriously from an early age.
He became a pupil of Abraham Cooper, as did his brother, Edward (1817-1901). In 1842 he married Mary Ratcliffe, but she died soon after the birth of their son Clement in 1843. At about the same time, his father died and he became the head of the large Barraud family, marrying Margaret Harrison the year before his death.

With T Fairland, he compiled a book entitled ‘The book of animals drawn from nature‘ published after his death, in 1864, by C Tilt. In about 1850 another book, ‘Sketches of figures & animals’, was published by H Graves, on which he combined with his brother Henry.
He died on October 1st 1850 at Kensington, from dysentery and typhoid fever. In his obituary in the Art Journal, November 1850, he was described as “ …upright and sincere, and while unsparingly rigid to himself, he was indulgent and considerate towards others”.

Exhibition HistoryBarraud exhibited his first picture at the RA in 1828, aged 18, becoming a regular exhibitor from 1829-1850. He also exhibited at BI & SS.